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Devgad Hapus Peti (Ripen Mango)


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Product Description

Devgad Hapus (Alphonso Mango) Peti consists of mangoes in qty of dozen. for example, if the size is 4 then it means it contains 4 dozen jumbo size mangoes in it as so for others. Make sure your requirement as the product will be semi ripen as it has to be consumed within a 6-8 days

Devgad Taluka area covers the following towns like Malvan, Vengurla, and Vijaydurg, sourced for you by our farmers’ team. Part of the Devgad district is known for tasty fruit, which is more delicious than others. Our teams also visit villages like Jamkhed, Rameshwar, Gadhi tamhane, Hindale, Dahibhav, Are, Dhalavali, Girye, Hadpid, Hurshi, Shirgaon, Talebajar, Tembhavali, Welgave, and much more.

Devgad Alphonso Mango (Devgad Hapus) directly from our farms in Devgad. Buy from Devgad Mango and get the best fruit home-delivered, with a guarantee of our trust. The sweet, strong fragrance of Alphonso is noticeable from distance. Look and feel soft if they are naturally ripened in grass hay. Hails from The Heart of Devgad.

Devgad Alphonso Mango is well recognized due to its unique taste, aroma, and superior quality. The size of these mangoes is about 4-6 inches and is even in shape.  Devgad Alphonso started gaining consumer goodwill to become a brand name thereby acquiring commercial importance. It was apparent from the growing demand and popularity of Devgad Alphonso that the distinctiveness of Devgad Alphonso was a result of the typical climatic conditions and soil characteristics of the Devgad region which are different from even nearby regions like Ratnagiri.

The Devgad Alphonso gained distinctiveness and favourable characteristics like the pleasant fruity smell, no fibre, and extremely aromatic and sweet taste, becoming popular among buyers. The distinctiveness comes from the geographical conditions of Devgad as the same is not observed in other varieties grown elsewhere.

Additional information

Weight20 kg
Dimensions45 × 30 × 30 cm
Peti Size

4 Dozen (Jumbo Size 250+ gms), 5 Dozen (Large Size 220-250 gms), 6 Dozen (Medium Size 180-220 gms), 7 Dozen (Small Size 130-180 gms)

Transportation & Delivery Process 

Pune City:  Door Step Delivery Service.  

Other Cities:  Pick Up From Near By Travel Transport Partner System.