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Devgad Hapus Peti (Ripen Mango)


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Product Description

Devgad Alphonso Mangoes is the most flawless and best-quality mango available on the market. Devgad Small Alphonso Mangoes normally become as well as normally matured. There has been an increase in vendors selling mangoes using fake carbides. Devgad mango is 100 percent normally matured, without carbide mango. It guarantees the quality of the mangoes delivered.

Specifications of the Product

Devgad Ripen Alphonso Mango Peti consists of mangoes in qty of dozen. for example, if the size is 4 then it means it contains 4 dozen jumbo size mangoes in it as so for others.

Why should you buy from Ratnagiri Hapus?

We are Ratnagiri Hapus (Alphonso Mango) Online Store. We give the best quality Hapus from Ratnagiri Region and from different Talukas of Ratnagiri with Famous Devgad Hapus (Alphonso Mango) from the Locale of Sindhadurga. Alphonso Mango originated in Ratnagiri and can be effectively accessible in Pune and Mumbai. We Give Fresh and Chosen Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangos from notable farmers who have a legacy of mango development for a long time

Benefits of  Alphonso Mangoes

As the source of iron, mango can able to prevent anemia. Anemia is the stage when how much red blood in our body is low. To expand the development of red blood, particularly for ladies, the body needs iron which is normally contained in fish, vegetables, and natural products including alphonso mango.

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Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 45 × 30 × 30 cm
Peti Size

4 Dozen (Jumbo Size 250+ gms), 5 Dozen (Large Size 220-250 gms), 6 Dozen (Medium Size 180-220 gms), 7 Dozen (Small Size 130-180 gms)

Transportation & Delivery Process 

Pune City:  Door Step Delivery Service.  

Other Cities:  Pick Up From Near By Travel Transport Partner System.