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Bringing Ratnagiri Hapus home on Akshaya Tritiya? You can tell the difference between Konkan Raja and Karnataka mangoes

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On Akshaya Tritiya, will you be bringing Ratnagiri Hapus home? Karnataka Alphonso versus Ratnagiri Alphonso: You can tell the difference between Konkan Raja mangoes and Karnataka mangoes. Mango also ripens well after the summer starts in April and May, so there is a lot of Konkan hapus mango in the market in those months. However, it has come to light that mango sellers in Karnataka are selling mangoes that look like Hapus.

Mumbai: The market sees an increase in demand for mangoes—the king of fruits—at the beginning of April. The months of April and May are mango season. Yellow mangoes now dominate the market. People from other states, in addition to Maharashtrians, are particularly drawn to Konkani Hapu. At any price that gourmets can afford, Ratnagiri Hapus and Devgad Hapus are available for purchase. Some vendors are forcing Karnataka mangoes on Mumbaikars in order to satisfy the same vick point of gourmands. We should figure out how to separate between Karnataka Hapus and Ratnagiri Hapus.

On April 22, there is Akshaya Tritiya. On this day, the market sees an increase in demand for mangoes. This muhurat also leads to an increase in the market for hapus mangoes. For the festival, ready-to-eat mangoes are in high demand from both vendors and domestic consumers. Contingent upon the size of the organic product, Hapus mangoes are being sold in the market at Rs 800 to 1000 for each dozen. Though, Karnataka hapus mangoes are sold at Rs 550 to Rs 650 for every dozen. However, the Karnataka mangoes that resembled Hapus were sold at a premium by mango sellers.

Customers are being duped because Ratnagiri Hapus and Karnataki Hapus are the same color and shape. The Karnataka Hapus is frequently offered to customers at a reduced price by sellers. Despite its resemblance to hapoos in appearance, the Karnataki mango lacks the flavor of Konkani hapoos. Hence, in the wake of returning home, clients understand that they have been cheated. So recognize Ratnagiri Hapus and Karnataka Hapus along these lines.
The Ratnagiri Hapus mango has a thin, round skin. As a result, the fruit has a yellowish stem and a reddish or orange tip. Ratnagiri Hapus’s odor quickly spreads. After being cut, Ratnagiri Hapus appears yellowish.

The Karnataka Hapus has a thick bark and a convex shape. The green portion of the stem It is yellowish towards the tip. The mango scent of Karnataka hapu is not overpowering. After being cut, the Karnataka hapu is a dark orange color.

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